Now Every Kid Can Cook

Allowing your kids to pursue their interest in a physical way can let them explore to more learning opportunities

Welcome to Smart Junior Chef

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Baking Class

For baking class activities focus in baking products such as cookies, cake, bread, dessert

Cooking Class

For cooking class which they are more focus in hot cooking, different country of cuisine.

Holiday Camp

Fun,enjoyable and informative baking activities. Progressive technique from workbooks.

Online MasterClass

A whole New Learning Baking Experience Through Online at anytime and anywhere

What Parents Say?

Ever since my daughter Keerthika joined Smart Junior Chef, I noticed that her confidence levels have increase. She shows great interest in cooking & baking and is always ready to offer help while I am cooking.

Ms Thila

At Smart Junior Chef, it’s not only about baking. Our daughters also learnt how to clean up, and some Mathematics too, indirectly (numbers and measurements). The best part is, of course, when they tell us gleefully after class “We baked this today, for you”

Mr Mihd Norhafiz Nor Kamaruddin

My daughter Victoria looks forward to every lesson at Smart Junior Chef, especially the cooking competitions and Mystery Box challenges. She has learnt to bake, cook, debone chickens, decorate cakes and etc. Now at home, she can prepare food for herself; she even cooked a chicken chop meal for Mother’s Day !

Ms Lily