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Specifically designed to develop, build upon and sharpen their bakery or cooking skills as they progress through our structured program week by week with the interesting theme planned in every month.

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Our Core Program

Junior Program

Age Group: 4-17
Description: Fun,enjoyable and informative baking activities. Progressive technique from workbooks.
Learning outcome:
  • Reading recipe
  • Knowledge about usage of equipment and utensils
  • Personal & kitchen hygiene
  • Basic technique of baking skills
  • Senior Program

    Age Group: 5-17
    Description: Using a variety of creative steps, technique and skills to register and expand ideas, composition and culinary skill.
    Learning outcome:
  • Measuring technique
  • Intermediate technique of baking
  • Kitchen Safety
  • Knowledge of ingredients
  • Master Program

    Age Group: 6-17
    Description: Advance and skill classes that require basic knowledge of culinary skill.
    Learning outcome:
    • Presentation skill
    • Advance technique of baking
    • Measuring technique
    • Independent skill

    Cooking Class

    Age Group:11-17
    Description: Learning and understanding the basic cooking skills and techniques from the world cuisine.
    Learning outcome: 
    • Personal & kitchen safety
    • Personal & kitchen hygiene
    • Knowledge about usage of equipment & utensils
    • Basic knife skill
    • Variety of cooking techniques
    • Independent skill
    • Presentation skill

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